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Throughout the history of life many dreams have been made in clay. Pottery is a reflection of the story told about the clay. The expert hands of ceramic artisans have written stories that last over time. In Spain, many popular ceramics are still manufactured using very traditional procedures. The expertise of the potters with whom we partner with, have been passed from generation to generation. Some techniques remain intact persevering the passage of time, while others have evolved and been perfected through the hands of many generations. Each of our pieces has been made individually by hand, which can be appreciated by the perfect imperfection of its beauty. We collaborate with expert ceramists specialized in different techniques for each collection.

Blackened Ceramic From Galicia



Between the first and third centuries, much of the wine that Rome consumed came from Hispania (modern-day Spain and Portugal). Much of it was transported in particular vessels specially prepared with a layer of pine resin to make them watertight and preserve the wine. Those vessels came from a small wine region in northwestern Spain. The ‘oleiros’ (potters) who specialized in this technique were everywhere. We partnered with the last artisan alive who still masters this technique, preserving the craft and preventing this art from extinction.


The artisan respects the original technique, with a low wheel, almost at ground level, which has to be kept rotating by hand while coiling the pieces to give them the desired shape. He uses the same indigenous clays as his ancestors to maintain the characteristic texture. To fire the pieces, he uses a wood oven then smokes the pieces to blacken them, using dried branches of the native carqueixa plant. Lastly, to waterproof the pieces, hot melted natural pine resin is poured on the inside of the pieces.

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