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Pasada is named after the act of passing a partner during the course of a Flamenco dance, representing the sharing and passing of drinks during a celebration.


DIMENSION: Ø 4 1/4 ¨TOP X Ø 3 ¨BOTTOM X 9 1/4 ¨ H

* Each piece is a unique creation and measures might vary slightly. Any imperfection is a celebration of the handcrafted process.

Handcrafted stoneware, glazed with a delicate galvanized-like finish. The matte and shiny vitreous textures add extra strength while giving the pieces a special character


Designed in San Francisco, handcrafted in Spain


As part of the Dance With Me Collection, Taconeo gives us the impression that the pieces are dancing, synchronizing their movements with the food. The robust strength combined with an ethereal and delicate look characterizes the pieces. Fully dressed to perform its best show, each piece translates the intrinsic festivity of the flamenco dances to the table, turning the experience into a celebration. Taconeo, the most symbolic piece in the collection, has the inherent soul of a festivity. The footprint of a celebration that never ends.